Salad with chicken and prunes

If you haven’t known yet, then you are going to be much surprised now. Meat matches perfectly with prunes! This «duet» turns any dish into something special or even unforgettable. And now you can see why. We are going to introduce you the recipe for a salad with chicken and prunes.

Mind, this salad with chicken will become a real highlight of the festive table. It is delicious and looks bright.

What products to take

  • 4 tbsp. — mayonnaise;
  • 500 g — smoked chicken breast;
  • 2 — eggs (hard boiled);
  • 60 g — prunes;
  • 3-4 items — average potatoes;
  • 2 items — small fresh cucumbers;
  • to taste — salt.

Begin to cook

  1. We boil the jacket potatoes, leave them to cool and after that peel them.
  2. We cut everything finely.
  3. Prunes are softened in water. By the way it would be better to do this in advance, as it takes at least an hour usually.
  4. We pour the odd liquid from prunes and cut them into small cubes or thin straws.
  5. Eggs must also be cut finely as well.
  6. Chicken meat is taken apart into fibers.
  7. Cucumbers are cut into strips. Frankly speaking, it is desirable to peel them off, as the skin can give an unpleasant bitterness.
  8. We put the prepared food into a bowl.
  9. Season with salt, add mayonnaise and mix everything carefully. The tasty salad is ready.

Salad with chicken and prunes

Salad with chicken can be served in a special salad bowl, or put nicely on a dish in the form of a slide. You can also decorate your dish with fresh greenery, prunes or olives. Enjoy your meal!

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Salad with chicken and prunes