Snack for hiking

As the hiking season is on its peak, we have a fast recipe for you to take something on hike.
It turns out very juicy and incredibly tasty. It is sure to please not only adults but also children. Suitable for snacks not only for a picnic, but also will be a decoration of the festive table.

List of ingredients:

• one sheet of thin lavash;
• 300 grams of processed cheese;
• one salted herring;
• one bunch of dill;
• 3 chicken eggs;
• one fresh cucumber.

Cooking process

1. In lightly salted herring, separate the loin, remove all the bones and cut into thin strips.
2. Wash a bunch of green onions, remove excess moisture, finely cut with a knife.
3. Chicken eggs pre-cooked hard-boiled, clean from the shell and rub on a large grater.
4. A large fresh cucumber is washed, cut off the tail (they can be bitter) and rub on a large grater.
5. Cut a thin rectangular lavash sheet in half.
6. Lubricate each half with melted cheese.
7. At the edge of the lavash lay out pieces of salted herring.
8. Next, half the pita bread, distribute the grated eggs, and spread on them crushed cucumber.
9. Sprinkle all the finely chopped greens, roll up the roll.
10. From the remaining products roll the second roll in like manner.
11. Cut the resulting rolls in half, add them to a container and put them in the refrigerator: let them soak for a while.
12. Then cut the rolls diagonally into portions and serve them on the table.
13. The next day, these rolls become only tastier and tender.

Snack for hiking

Bon Appetite!

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Snack for hiking