Hot pepper sauce

Those who are interested in spicy cuisine, perfectly understand what a big niche in this noble business is taken by sauces. Just a few drops when cooking or in a prepared dish — and you will get a completely new taste. And that is not a big surprise that such cuisine is so popular in the world. — All in all the spicy products contain a large amount of vitamin C, which improves digestion and just improve the taste pleasantly.

This, of course, it is mostly a male product. — This is a wonderful seasoning for lovers of everything spicy. Some men do not sit at the table without it. If you are afraid to take risks, start small. — Add it drop by drop, but fans will surely appreciate it highly.

What products to take:

  • hot pepper — 200 grams;
  • salt, sugar — 1 tablespoon;
  • vegetable oil — 1 spoon;
  • vinegar — 2 tablespoons (white wine or apple one — it is up to you to decide);
  • starch for condensation (if the dish is going to be too rare).

Begin to cook

  1. Cut off the green tops of the peppers and cut into pieces together with the seeds.
  2. Peel the garlic and pass it through the blender.
  3. Puree is put into a saucepan and salted. Add sugar and oil, pour vinegar. We put on a small fire on the stove.
  4. Remove from the fire and cool quickly (use an ice bath or cold water for this purpose).Done! This is a perfect idea for meat, fish and shish kebabs.

Hot pepper sauce

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Hot pepper sauce