Sour cream sauce with mustard and basil

We really love to cook different sauces and serve them not only to snacks, fish, meat, but also to pancakes, rice, baked potatoes and even to pasta. To tell you in short, we can it for everything we like! Therefore, among the culinary secrets we have a lot of delicious recipes of sauces, in particular, sour cream.

Why do we choose the sour cream one? — The matter is that they are considered to be universal, you can experiment with them and they are also very cheap.

One of our favorites is a sour cream sauce with mustard and basil. It is so delicious that we can just cover it on the bread and enjoy it. And how good it is with other dishes and you will definitely love it! Having prepared it, you will understand why it refers to one of our most beloved ones. So, let’s get started!

What products to take

Begin to cook

  1. We take sour cream. The fatter it is, the more delicious your sauce will be.
  2. To sour cream it is necessary to add mustard and to mix carefully into a homogeneous mass. Any amount of mustard can be added, but can add even more if you are a spicy dish lover.
  3. We wash basil and cut it very finely.
  4. Add the basil to the creamy mustard paste.
  5. After that mix everything thoroughly.

Sour cream sauce with mustard and basil

You will spend a maximum of 10 minutes on the whole sauce preparation manner. Moreover, it is an excellent filling to any salads. Enjoy your dish!

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Sour cream sauce with mustard and basil