An amazing breakfast, a hearty omelette in bread

Another great recipe for breakfast, especially if you have children to get ready for school. Feeding them with breakfast is not easy, and they’ll be eating such a yummy with pleasure. Crispy, toasted bread on the oil, and inside — an omelette with vegetables, ham and cheese. Prepare such a breakfast you can in 5 minutes, and the charge of energy and vivacity will be for the entire day. Believe and check — it’s really tasty and satisfying.

List of ingredients:

• 2 slices of bread for toast;
• 2 plates of cheese for toast;
• one tablespoon of milk;
• one fresh chicken egg;
• 2 plates of ham;
• one tablespoon of Bulgarian sweet pepper;
• half a teaspoon of green chilli pepper;
• one tablespoon of green onion;
• a pinch of dried parsley;
• 20 grams of butter;
• salt and black ground pepper — to taste.

Cooking process

1. In the bowl, drive in a fresh chicken egg, add milk, salt and pepper to taste. For the flavor, you can add a little dried parsley. Mix with whisk.
2. Then in the eggs add finely chopped sweet red Bulgarian pepper, green chili and finely chopped green onions. Stir.
3. Preheat the frying pan, pour a little vegetable oil, distribute in a frying pan and fry from two sides. Remove the omelette on a plate.
4. On a slice of bread for toasts, put a plate of cheese, a thin piece of ham.
5. Omelet curl the envelope to the size of a piece of bread and put it on the bread.
6. Cover the omelet with cheese, on top — a plate of ham. Cover everything with a second slice of bread.
7. The second piece of bread is smeared on top with a piece of butter.
8. Lay the resulting sandwich on the heated frying pan, butter down. Fry it over a small fire.
9. At this time, a second piece of bread is smeared with butter.
10. After one side is fried, turn over the other.
11. Take off the ready breakfast on a plate, cut it diagonally and serve on the table with a cup of fragrant home-made cocoa.

An amazing breakfast, a hearty omelette in bread An amazing breakfast, a hearty omelette in bread

Bon Appetite!

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An amazing breakfast, a hearty omelette in bread