Crispy zucchini snack

This is one of the most amazing snack, you will ever try. Snack turns tender inside and very tasty, and its crispy crust beckon makes it delicious.

List of ingredients:

• 500 grams of young courgettes;
• half a teaspoon of salt;
• 2 fresh chicken eggs;
• 150 grams of flour;
• 150 grams of breadcrumbs;
• a third of a teaspoon of seasoning hops-suneli.

For sauce
• 4 tablespoons of sour cream;
• 2-3 cloves of garlic;
• a third of a teaspoon of salt;
• Black ground pepper — to taste.

Cooking process

1. Peel large zucchini peeled, cut into rings of 5-7 millimeters, remove the tails. Cut the rings in half.
2. Transfer to a bowl, add half a teaspoon of salt, mix and let for a while.
3. In a separate bowl, break two eggs, add a pinch of salt, stir with a fork. Leave for a while.
4. In another bowl, pour out breadcrumbs, add a pinch of salt and favorite spices.
5. With zucchini merge separated juice and fill them with wheat flour, mix well (crumble).
6. Cover the pan with parchment paper or baking paper, grease it with vegetable oil.
7. Squash with one hand immersed in the egg, the second hand roll in breadcrumbs, put on a baking sheet.
8. Put the pan in the heated oven for 30-35 minutes. After about 15 minutes take out the baking tray, turn over the zucchini and put it back. Cooked zucchini should be beautiful and rosy: on both sides.
9. While the zucchini is in the oven, prepare the sauce. In a bowl pour a thick, not very acidic sour cream (fat content of not less than 20%), add to it 2-3 cloves of garlic, passed through the press. Add salt and pepper to taste, mix.
10. Spread on a plate cooked zucchini, cover with lettuce leaves, decorate with greens. Serve with the sauce that was cooked (or with any other).

Crispy zucchini snack

Bon Appetite!

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Crispy zucchini snack