Delicious breakfast snack

If you want to please your family, then make sure to prepare this dish. The recipe is quite old, but tasty and simple. When baking, the steering wheel turns out to be soft, and the filling is amazingly tasty and juicy. The recipe is quite general: you can cook not only in a frying pan, but also in the oven. The filling, too, pick up to your taste.

List of ingredients:

• wheels — 6 pieces;
• 3-4 fresh chicken eggs;
• one glass of water or milk;
• 70 grams of hard cheese;
• any greens — to taste;
• salt and black ground pepper — to taste;
• 2 tablespoons of refined vegetable oil.

Cooking process

1. Pour milk or water in a bowl, put in it for a few minutes the steering-wheels (in turn): they should become a bit softer.
2. In a separate bowl, drive 3-4 fresh chicken eggs, stir with a fork, add salt and favorite spices.
3. Heat the frying pan on fire, pour in vegetable oil, lay out the steering wheel in it.
4. In the center of the ram we pour the egg mixture with a spoon. It’s okay if the mixture leaks.
5. Rub the hard cheese on a large grater and sprinkle the contents of the frying pan on top.
6. Sprinkle all the shredded herbs. Cover the dish with a lid and fry for 5 minutes over medium heat.
7. Serve a fragrant breakfast with sausage and fresh vegetables.

Delicious breakfast snack

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious breakfast snack