Delicious snacks from cheese

Such a beautiful and interesting snack will appeal to all adults and children. After all, it is so unusual and insanely delicious. It is prepared very simply.

List of ingredients:

• cracker — 40 pieces
• cream cheese — 0,2 kg
• hard cheese — 0.3 kg
• squares cheese — 8 pieces
• crab sticks — 50 gr
• olives for decoration

Cooking process:

1. Start with cheese. It must be grated. Then also rub crab sticks.
2. In a separate bowl, mix the crab sticks, creamy and hard (1/2 part) cheese.
3. Take the cheese mass and roll it into balls. Then we roll them in the remaining cheese.
4. Of cheese squares, we cut paws, wings and beaks for chicks. From the olives make eyes.
5. Then collect the chicken. Put the ball on the cracker, attach the paws, wings, beak and eyes.

Delicious snacks from cheese

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious snacks from cheese