Exquisite rolls «Philadelphia»

Almost everyone likes these rolls, but they think it is difficult to cook them. We hasten to dispel this terrible myth and we will acquaint you with the recipe for making delicious homemade rolls of a house.

List of ingredients:

  • cucumber — 15 gr
  • ginger — to your taste
  • salmon (smoked) — 60 gr
  • wasabi sauce — to your taste
  • rice — 120 gr
  • lemon juice — to your liking
  • nori — 2 gr
  • soft cheese — 35 gr
  • avocado — 15 gr

Cooking process

  1. Boil the rice. If you do not know how to properly make rice for sushi, you can read about it on our website.
  2. Cut fish fillets in very thin strips. Their width should not exceed 1 cm. Then cut the cheese and avocado the same way.
  3. Put the nori sheet on the mat. We spread the rice from above and turn it over. Nori should be on top. Put cheese, avocado and cucumber on it. Carefully pick up the mat, turn all the products into a roll. Cut it into several pieces and put a piece of salmon on top.

Exquisite rolls "Philadelphia"

Bon Appetite!

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Exquisite rolls «Philadelphia»