Fried eggplant cutlets without flour and meat

Delicious and fat free summer cutlets from eggplant without flour and meat. And if someone in your family does not like eggplants, just do not tell them what the cutlets are made of. No one will guess. Delicate and very juicy cutlets do not absorb a lot of oil while frying, so they can be considered dietary.

List of ingredients

• 300 grams of aubergines;
• 100 grams of potatoes;
• 100 grams of onions;
• one piece of white bread;
• one fresh chicken egg;
• one bunch of dill;
• salt and black ground pepper — to taste;
• vegetable oil for frying cutlets.

Cooking process

1. Wash eggplants thoroughly, remove the tails. Grind with a blender or rub on a small grater. Transfer eggplants to a bowl, add a little salt and mix with hands. Then squeeze to remove the juice.
2. Wash potatoes, clean and crush in a blender or rub on a fine grater.
3. Onions and a slice of bread pass through a meat grinder or blender.
4. Mix aubergines, crushed potatoes, onions and bread. Add finely chopped greens and one egg.
5. Add salt and pepper to taste, mix well.
6. Form small cutlets with our hands.
7. In a frying pan, warm slightly a little sunflower oil.
8. Cutlets roll in flour before roasting and immediately put in a frying pan.
9. Fry each batch of cutlets over medium heat from two sides to rosy.
10. Place the fried patties on a paper towel that will absorb excess of oil.
11. You can serve cutlets cold or hot. Can use them also for sandwiches and take to work.

Fried eggplant cutlets without flour and meat

Bon Appetite!


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Fried eggplant cutlets without flour and meat