«Hot dog» cupcakes

They are convenient to take with you to work, on a picnic or on a hike. Very good as a snack, and just as an independent dish. Hearty, ruddy, beautiful cupcakes are made of the simplest and affordable products! The original cupcakes will become a real decoration even for the festive table.

List of ingredients:

• 4 sausages (it is better to use a little smoked);
• 100 grams of your favorite ketchup;
• one teaspoon of the prepared mustard;
• 50 grams of hard cheese;
• one pickled cucumber;
• half of the head of the onion.

For the dough
• 500 grams of wheat flour;
• a teaspoon of dry yeast (or see the instructions for your yeast);
• one teaspoon of salt;
• one teaspoon of granulated sugar;
• 4 tablespoons of refined oil;
• one fresh chicken egg.

Cooking process

1. Four sausages (preferably smoked) cut first in half, and then cut into pieces.
2. Put sausages in a bowl, add the favorite ketchup and a tablespoon of ready-made mustard.
3. In a deep bowl, sift half a kilogram of wheat flour, pour in yeast, diluted in warm water.
4. Add salt and sugar to the bowl with flour and pour in the vegetable oil.
5. Lastly, drive in a fresh chicken egg and knead the dough.
6. Mix the dough in a bowl, round it, cover it and leave it for one hour.
7. Prepare the form for the cupcakes (you can use any), put a little vegetable oil.
8. From the dough tear off a piece, form a round cake with our hands, put it into the mold. We distribute the dough on the bottom and sides of the mold.
9. Spread in each form a stuffing, plentifully sprinkle with grated cheese on a large grater.
10. Send the form to the oven, preheated to 170 degrees, for 15 minutes.
11. Cut one pickled cucumber into very small cubes.
12. Half of the head of onions is also sliced very finely.
13. We take the muffins from the oven, sprinkle with pickled cucumbers and onions.

"Hot dog" cupcakes

Bon Appetite!

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«Hot dog» cupcakes