Incredibly delicious pancakes

Do you want to cook incredibly delicious pancakes? Then try to prepare them in accordance with a wonderful old Russian recipe. They were borrowed from the Dutch cuisine by travelers and merchants, but as a result they have been supplemented by the traditions of Russian cuisine. The taste is amazing, and the dish can be prepared without any problems.

Pancakes will surprise you with their taste, tenderness and softness. You can serve them themselves or with fillings. It is up to you to decide.

What products to take

Begin to cook

  1. To the melted and cooled butter we should add sugar with yolks.
  2. Carefully grind everything to a homogeneous mass of white hint.
  3. Gradually add flour, continuing to mix, it is important that the mass should become smooth.
  4. Now start to pour the cream gradually.
  5. Add salt to taste and start to enter the whites one by one.
  6. As a result, it turns out to be an amazingly delicious dough.
  7. Heat the frying pan and oil it a bit.
  8. We pour out the dough in such a way we have something average between thick pancakes and thin pancakes.
  9. Fry from both sides until they get a golden brown hint.

Incredibly delicious pancakes

It will be very tasty to put these pancakes in a deep sauté pan, covering with a jam or a marmalade, and then put them into the oven for 10 minutes. You can also just serve them with syrups or sauces. We personally really like just sprinkle them with cinnamon and enjoy!

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Incredibly delicious pancakes