Incredibly delicious stuffed pancakes

This delicate filling and crispy breading will appeal to everyone without exception. These pancakes have a piquant add that will pleasantly surprise you. Try to cook this insanely delicious dish, which will act both as an excellent snack, and as an independent dish, as it is quite satisfying. Your family and friends will appreciate it.

List of ingredients

For the test
• 200 gr of flour
• 4 eggs
• 750 ml of milk
• dill
• granulated sugar
• salt

For filling
• 5 eggs
• 300 gr of ham
• 200 gr of cheese
• vegetable oil
For breading
• 1 egg
• bread crumbs
• salt

Cooking process

1. We will start from the dough. Combine the flour, previously sifted, with milk, eggs and salt. After that, stir well so as to remove all the lumps and fry in a pan.
2. Prepare the filling. To do this, clean the eggs and cut them into circles, cut ham into slices. Using grater, rub cheese on a small fraction. Crush dill. Prepared filling does not need to be combined. Everything should be in separate containers.
3. Put ham in the center of pancake, add two mugs of eggs and sprinkle with grated cheese and dill. Then make envelopes or turn them, at your discretion.
4. Take on breading. Whisk the egg and salt, and in a separate bowl rash bread crumbs.
5. Warm up the frying pan with vegetable oil and put the pancake, which were initially dipped in an egg, and then rolled in breadcrumbs. Fry them until a ruddy brown.

Incredibly delicious stuffed pancakes

Bon Appetite!

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Incredibly delicious stuffed pancakes