Original warm salad «Pandora»

Warm salads are not common in our lifestyle, but today we want to present something very unique and delicious. A very simple and tasty salad is not only a versatile menu, but it will also looks great on the festive table. Recently, this salad has become a favorite part of menu on my tables.

List of ingredients:

• 500 grams of fresh champignons;
• one head of onions;
• 150 grams of hard cheese;
• one pot (380 grams) of canned corn;
• mayonnaise — to taste;
• refined vegetable oil — for frying;
• salt and black ground pepper — to taste.

Cooking process

1. Remove the large head of onions from the husk, cut into quarter rings (not very thin, approximately 2-3 millimeters thick).
2. In a frying pan warm up vegetable oil without a smell, spread onions. While the onion is fried over medium heat, prepare the mushrooms.
3. Wash fresh mushrooms and cut into large pieces. Small mushrooms can simply be cut into four parts, and large ones — into 8 parts.
4. When the onion becomes soft and golden, add the mushrooms in the pan, mix and continue to fry.
5. At the same time, use a large grater to grind a piece of hard cheese (any, to your taste).
6. When the mushrooms become rosy, transfer the fried foods into a deep bowl. Immediately add grated cheese, so that it melts on hot mushrooms. We mix everything well.
7. As soon as the whole cheese melts, send the canned corn to the salad bowl (do not forget to drain it beforehand).
8. Fill the salad with mayonnaise: we add just one tablespoon (maximum — two, but not more). Stir very carefully.
9. Try the salad for taste and, if necessary, add salt and black ground pepper. Ready to serve.

Original warm salad "Pandora"

Bon Appetite!

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Original warm salad «Pandora»