Sausage in potato

We present you the recipe for a great meal. Such sausages can be prepared for school to children, on a hike or just for a snack on the road. And such sausages can be cooked for lunch and served with a beetroot salad. This combination is not only delicious, but also useful. The recipe for making beetroot salad can be found on the webpage.

List of ingredients:

• flour — 3 tbsp.
• vegetable oil — 3 tbsp
• salt, pepper to taste
• potatoes — 6 pcs.
• egg — 1 piece
• sausages — 4 pieces
• bread crumbs — 1 tbsp

Cooking process

1. Wash the potatoes and put them in a saucepan. Pour the water and put it on the fire. Cook until ready, then cool the potatoes and peel it. Grate the boiled potatoes on a grater and put them into a deep cup. Drive the egg, salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything well.
2. Add the flour to the resulting mixture and mix.
3. Then from the resulting test, make small cakes. Put the sausage in the center and wrap it.
4. Pour the breadcrumbs into a bowl.
5. Beat the egg in a cup and roll in it the resulting sausage. Then we roll in breadcrumbs.

Sausage in potato

Bon Appetite!

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Sausage in potato