Simple snacks from tomatoes

If you love tomato, these snacks are for you. You will spend literally 5 minutes, and the result will surpass all expectations. Bright, colorful and very tasty dish will keep everyone happy. Want to surprise your family and guests? Try this out.

List of ingredients:

For the first snack
• two medium size ripe tomatoes;
• 100 grams of hard cheese;
• 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise;
• one clove of garlic;
• parsley greens.
For a second snack
• two medium red tomatoes;
• 200 grams of any cottage cheese;
• 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream (better fatter);
• one fresh cucumber;
• one yellow or orange sweet Bulgarian pepper;
• one clove of garlic;
• greens of dill;
• Salt to taste.

Cooking process

1. Wash tomatoes and cut into rings with of 5-7 millimeters.
2. Spread them in one layer on a flat serving dish.
3. Take two tablespoons of mayonnaise, we add garlic passed through the press.
4. Lubricate each circle of tomato with mayonnaise.
5. Rub hard cheese on a small grater, spread it with a slide on tomatoes.
6. Decorate with leaves of parsley.
7. For the preparation of the second snack, cut the tomatoes into circles of 5-7 millimeters. Spread them on a large flat serving dish.
8. Transfer to the bowl cottage cheese of any fat content (I have granular) and pass it through blender. Add garlic passed through the press.
9. Add cottage cheese to sour cream, and salt it. Beat the cottage cheese with a blender until homogeneous mass, then put it into a plastic package and cut off the tip.
10. Squeeze the curd cream nicely on each circle of a tomato.
11. Cut into cubes young fresh cucumber.
12. Clean off seeds wweet Bulgarian pepper of orange color and cut into small cubes. Instead of pepper, you can use a yellow tomato.
13. We decorate the snack with dill sprigs, put it in the middle of the curd cream.
14. Next to the dill lay out the sliced cucumber and pepper.
15. Prepare the awesome snack to the table — and enjoy an unearthly taste.

Simple snacks from tomatoes
Bon Appetite!

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Simple snacks from tomatoes