The best snack for children to school

Snack rolls are table decoration and always a popular snack at a festive feast. Today we will prepare delicious egg rolls with cheese and crab sticks. In fact, the filling can be varied: ham, meat, fish, cheese, lettuce leaves. Convenient snack rolls are an ideal snack for schoolchildren, and you can take to work with yourself. From the minimum of ingredients, a festive, bright, very nutritious snack is produced in 10 minutes.

List of ingredients:

• 4 fresh chicken eggs;
• 200 grams of mayonnaise;
• two tablespoons of starch;
• 6 pieces of crab sticks;
• 100 grams of hard cheese;
• refined sunflower oil — for frying.

Cooking process

1. With six crab sticks remove the packaging, cut it in half, then cut into small pieces.
2. A piece of hard cheese rubbed on a small grater.
3. Four fresh chicken eggs are driven into a deep bowl, add potato starch, 200 grams of mayonnaise.
4. Beat the egg mixture for two minutes with a whisk.
5. Put the frying pan on the fire, reheat it and pour a little vegetable oil.
6. Collect more than half the ladle of the dough, pour it into a frying pan and distribute it (like pancakes).
7. Put little crab sticks on the dough, sprinkle with hard cheese. Fry the pancake on medium heat for two minutes on one side.
8. Then lay out on a plate, stuffing up (helping yourself with a shovel).
9. Let the pancakes cool to room temperature, turn into a roll. We put it on a plate.
10. Cut the rolls into portions (obliquely) and fasten them with skewers, beautifully laid out on a plate. It is possible to fasten an olive, a slice of a tomato or a cucumber between a roll and a skewer.

The best snack for children to school

Bon Appetite!

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The best snack for children to school