Unusual cutlets from crab sticks

Everyone is used to the fact that cutlets are made from meat or vegetables. And we will introduce you to the recipe for unusual, but very tasty cutlets, prepared from crab sticks. They can become an excellent snack on the festive table or a dietary dish for dinner.

List of ingredients:

• crab sticks — 0,2 kg
• Hard cheese — 0,2 kg
• egg — 2 pieces
• Garlic — 2 cloves
• breadcrumbs
• vegetable oil for frying

Cooking process

1. Grind in crab sticks, cheese, garlic.
2. Take the cup and put the prepared ingredients into it. Drive in the egg and add a little pepper (if desired). Mix well.
3. Make cutlets and crumble them in breadcrumbs. Put a frying pan on the fire, heat the vegetable oil on it and fry the cutlets to a golden color.

Unusual cutlets from crab sticks

Bon Appetite!

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Unusual cutlets from crab sticks