Appetizing chicken noodle soup

Chicken soup with vermicelli is very tasty and delicious. Light broth, a little chicken meat, carrots, onions, potatoes and a little vermicelli — a great combination that will suit the taste of almost everyone. This soup will appeal to both adults and children. Instead of vermicelli, you can use other pasta.

What products to take

  • Chinese noodles — 120 g;
  • sesame oil — 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • vegetable broth — 6 cups;
  • peanut butter -2 tbsp. spoons;
  • chili pepper — 1 item;
  • chicken legs — 6 items;
  • white wine — 1 tablespoon;
  • fresh champignons — 3 pieces;
  • asparagus 200 grams;
  • Chinese cabbage — 1/ 2 head;
  • Tofu — 180 grams;
  • green onion — 2 stems;
  • cilantro — 1 handful.

Begin to cook

  1. Pour water into the pan, bring to a boiling condition and cook the egg noodles for about 3 minutes until the al dente condition.
  2. Drain and mix the noodles with a little sesame oil to prevent sticking, then put the noodles aside.
  3. Put the wok on a strong fire, add the peanut butter. Add the ginger and red chili, fry all together for about 30 seconds.
  4. Add the chicken pieces and fry for 1 minute. As soon as the chicken begins to get brown, add the dry wine, stir and fry until the wine is almost completely evaporated.
  5. Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a frying pan, then add tofu cheese, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, Chinese cabbage and fry together for 1 minute.
  6. Add the pre-heated broth to the resulting mixture. Bring to a boiling condition, then reduce the heat.
  7. Add into the soup some soy sauce, vinegar, salt and freshly ground white pepper. Leave to cook for 10 minutes, periodically removing the foam.
  8. Take 4 bowls, pour the cooked soup into bowls. Add pre-cooked egg noodles. Season the soup with finely chopped green onions and cilantro.

Appetizing chicken noodle soup

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Appetizing chicken noodle soup