Delicious soup from beans and mushrooms

We present to your attention the recipe of a very tasty soup. It’s easy enough to prepare. You can take any beans. If you cook on the broth, then the chicken will be perfect. This wonderful soup will please both adults and children. Keep the recipe and please your family with new and interesting dishes for lunch.

List of ingredients

• 2 liters of water or broth
• 1 can of canned beans
• 5 potatoes
• 200 g champignons
• bay leaves to taste
• 1 onion
• 1 bunch of green parsley or dill
• salt to taste
• 3 tablespoons vegetable refined oil

For dumplings
• 1 egg
• 1 teaspoon seasoning for chicken
• 100 gr of wheat flour
• Salt and ground black pepper to taste

Cooking process

1. Clean the onion and cut into cubes.
2. Cut the mushrooms with plates after dry cleaning.
3. Take the a bowl and pour oil on it. After that, place the roasted prepared ingredients in in and fry for 5 minutes. It is necessary to stir occasionally.
4. Then pour in a vegetable or meat broth.
5. Clean and cut potatoes. Then send it there with canned beans along with the liquid.
6. Add salt and put on fire for 20 minutes. The lid during this cooking should be closed.
7. Prepare the dough for dumplings. First of all, using a whisk, beat the egg with pepper and seasoning. Then rinse the flour and mix thoroughly. As a result, we will get a very thick dough.
8. 10 minutes before the end of cooking, throw the dumplings into the soup as follows: take a teaspoon and 1/4 of it, take the dough, and then dip it into the boiling soup near the wall of the pan.
9. After that send the greens, previously shredded, and laurel leaves.

Delicious soup from beans and mushrooms

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious soup from beans and mushrooms