Delicious soup from turnips

Previously, the word «soup» was not used, chowder was considered to be all liquid dishes, be it cream, okroshka or soup. Vegetables that were added to such dishes shaded the taste of the main component. Today we will introduce you to the old recipe of soup from turnips. Very useful and popular among healthy soups.

List of ingredients:

• turnip — 6 pcs
• water — 1.5 l
• onions — 1 pc
• black peppercorns — 2 pcs
• cloves — 1 pc
• sweet pepper peas — 2 pcs
• bay leaf — 1 pc.
• chopped chopped — 1 tbsp
• chopped dill — 1 tbsp
• garlic — 2 slices
• salt to taste

Cooking process

1. Take a large saucepan, pour water into it, add salt and put it on the fire.
2. Separately clean onions and turnips. Cut the vegetables into cubes. Pour boiling water. Cook on low heat until the turnip becomes soft.
3. Clean and crush garlic. Throw into the pan together with pepper and laurel leaves 10 minutes before the end of cooking soup.
4. 7 minutes after throwing garlic, add greens and pour on plates. Our soup is ready!

Delicious soup from turnips

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious soup from turnips